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Couldn’t have gone to a nicer place with nicer guys… treated like a repeat customer on my first visit. Highly highly recommend this shop to anyone.
Jeff / Montero

Couldn’t be more pleased. Extremely knowledgeable, no-nonsense performance shop. This is THE place to bring your Mopar to. These guys did an amazing job with my challenger, and Jim is an absolute professional and gentleman.

Chris / Carnage

I trust Jim, known him now for 6 years if there were to be something wrong with any of my Chrysler products he would be the one I go to. Has done my SMS Tune, get more HP out of it, Rear gear ratio changed, oil changes etc. no issues with any of his work. I would like to have many upgrades done and when so, It Will Be Jim

Al / Scarseli

quality work, reasonable prices, Jim and True Street are second to none! Jim is honest, knowledgeable and a true professional! He has recently performed maintenance and repairs on my Commander and I could not be happier with the work. if you have a late gen Mopar in need of repair, maintenance or upgrades, Jimmy is your man!

PV / DVskn

Jimmy and his crew are the best. Professional, and clean shop. Nobody touches my cars but Them. I drive an hour just for oil my changes and general maintenance on all my cars .


Just started to work on my car. He’s a very busy man. That being said you would think he doesn’t have time for you once he gets his hands on your ride. NOT SO. This guy returns phone calls, usually the same day and returns texts THE SAME DAY usually within an hour. Jimmy explains everything you ask, and then some. Can’t wait to see the final product.

TJ / Piccolo